Hate the Rain, Love the Rain


So the lunch hour started with my contemplation of going on my regular lunch time walk. Its the one hour of the day that I perceive as being adventurous in my life. BUT the rain put a stop to that. So here I find myself writing for myself one of my great blog entries ๐Ÿ™‚ OK I’m sure the world was also looking for some proof of life that I am still around.

For today I hate the rain because it is causing me to miss out out this little break in my life that I receive every day. One hour ofย  pure glory! Why do I view this one hour as so great you might ask? Well it is the one hour where I go to the magic land that is the public library. Without fail, if i am at work, then I too am at the library…all spring, summer, fall and winter. Its where I spend my lunch times…no matter how hot,cold, or warm, I am there.

Why on earth did I call it magic land? Because it is the one place that whisks me away out of my life. Its where I find a new career, a new hobby and a new soul mate lurking around the book stacks where I least expect to find them. It is a fine concentration where anything can happen, where they run lunch hour yoga classes in the green space court yard. So there is no shortage of active or attractive people at the library.

How can so many life bringing things get stacked under one roof? Well its not the typical public library that you picture when you think of a library. Its a modern 4 story monolith that was built to bring life back into the down town. I think it has succeeded ๐Ÿ™‚

Where is your library? Where do you go to recharge your batteries and gain some new optimism on life? I also wonder if people visit their magical place as often as I do.

Today I hate the rain for blocking out the magic in my day, but I don’t forget that tonight while I am all warm and dry in my house I will love the rain and how it prepares things for the perfect tomorrow.

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