Does this sound like a talk show ? It could be !



Hello there world ! This is your chance to connect with other people living life in the ‘closet’  as gay, lesbian and bi. You’ve come to the right place for a caring environment where I will express myself on a wide range of topics of things that I encounter on almost a daily basis. Feel free to post comments or contact me about things you would like to see or content you have written.  Negative, hateful or hurtful comments will not be tolerated.  Now get out there and live your best gay life, the journey has just begun !

Hate the Rain, Love the Rain


So the lunch hour started with my contemplation of going on my regular lunch time walk. Its the one hour of the day that I perceive as being adventurous in my life. BUT the rain put a stop to that. So here I find myself writing for myself one of my great blog entries 🙂 OK I’m sure the world was also looking for some proof of life that I am still around.

For today I hate the rain because it is causing me to miss out out this little break in my life that I receive every day. One hour of  pure glory! Why do I view this one hour as so great you might ask? Well it is the one hour where I go to the magic land that is the public library. Without fail, if i am at work, then I too am at the library…all spring, summer, fall and winter. Its where I spend my lunch times…no matter how hot,cold, or warm, I am there.

Why on earth did I call it magic land? Because it is the one place that whisks me away out of my life. Its where I find a new career, a new hobby and a new soul mate lurking around the book stacks where I least expect to find them. It is a fine concentration where anything can happen, where they run lunch hour yoga classes in the green space court yard. So there is no shortage of active or attractive people at the library.

How can so many life bringing things get stacked under one roof? Well its not the typical public library that you picture when you think of a library. Its a modern 4 story monolith that was built to bring life back into the down town. I think it has succeeded 🙂

Where is your library? Where do you go to recharge your batteries and gain some new optimism on life? I also wonder if people visit their magical place as often as I do.

Today I hate the rain for blocking out the magic in my day, but I don’t forget that tonight while I am all warm and dry in my house I will love the rain and how it prepares things for the perfect tomorrow.

Where did spring go?


Did you ever notice how you sometimes depend on the change of seasons to give you hope? This most likely happens to all those people that really dont care for winter. Ok, I meant to say hate winter but I was trying to sugar coat it a little there. Thats why when your spring disappears and makes like the fall again that a shiver runs slowly up your back. The forecast calls for well below normals and rain for the rest of my week.

The cold weather is postponing my life. I’m not getting outside, getting fresh air, jogging, washing my car or exploring the beauty in the world. Oddly, when I watch the TV I dont get to feel the warmth of the sun or the smell of flowers through the screen. My fun and my life is pretty much limited to what I can accomplish from the comfort of my couch.

I have been experimenting with a new drug to fight off depression. It has the benefit of making your mood better. Feeling better, makes you want to get off the couch and do things. Often that is a feeling as alien as walking on Mars. I’m not kidding there. People equate not getting off the couch with laziness, but when you fight with depression all you want to do is close your eyes and wait for the next sleep. And then you get fat !

Fat, fat, fat, FAT ! That is where the summer time call comes in to fight the bulge. That makes for an interesting time when the spring flashes back and forth between the next season and winter. This kind of turns life into a rollercoaster of better yourself or go back to the couch.  I can tell now though that it is time to tame my waist line and start running to summer.

Time to get a little bit gay when I talk about style and relationships. Ok, I don’t have either but I’m hanging on in both departments. Todays gaydom is due to an MTV show called Faking it. What do you get when you fake being a lesbian with your best friend in high school to get popular? you get a ton of fun ! But beware, there are only 2 1/2 seasons of this show available before it got cancelled so savour every moment. It took me a while to watch the whole series but I literally looked forward to every episode. I cant say that for every show I’ve devoted myself to. Over to some style talk now.

I have the fashion sense of a Costco customer. If I did nothing but shop for my clothes at Costco I would be safe. You can’t go wrong with their reasonable prices and designer name labels. I’ve been feeling lately like I’ve been hit by the logo bug, not the label bug. I’ve been amazed lately at how some logos that sportswear companies make are so attractive: Champion, Fila and Puma. I really think there is something special to them that I cant put my finger on. Remember you heard it here first. Go get your logo on !



Life After Hawaii


Its been close to 7 days back and I’ve had a few revelations… Not resolutions. This year I missed the Christmas boat and the New Years boat. For the most part it was difficult to tell it was Christmas except for the Christmas tree one of the resort hotels put on the beach in Waikiki for that one special day.

Before leaving I’d been sick of everything in my surroundings on my last day of work and welcomed the 19 day break I had coming. There would be no waiting for late buses in the freezing cold, no pressure  for meeting the new quotas that have been instituted at work and no waiting for that big blast of snow or cold to lock things down. Oh you’ve got to love living in the Canadian prairies in the winter.

Being back now for about two days it was time to go back to work. Work as it turns out would have to wait while the snow pelted the city and brought everything almost to a standstill. I would spend the day working from home using my lunch break to dig out my drive way with my snow blower. So much for easing back into life post Hawaii.

Hawaii did give me some time to sort a few things out. Within the first week home I started to ask myself what was I going to do to try and improve my life. This year I missed my chance to make any new years resolutions so how would this year be any different from the last? The answer wouldn’t be to live life to its fullest, make tons of cash or buy a fancy car. The answer would simply be to change and live the life of a good person.

Its easy to live life for yourself. Its easy for your choices to be guided by your wants and needs and nothing more. Take time for your self, practice selfcare, be sure to make time for yourself are a few guiding phrases you’ve probably heard. For some of us, we don’t even realize that we’re so focused on ourselves, but we experience the cost of being this way because it leads to having a very lonely existence.

How do I define the life of a good person? In my opinion it would be someone who on their last day on earth will be able to say you were able to give of yourself and pay attention to the needs of others.  To say that you made a difference to make those peoples lives somehow better or happier. The key here is to pay attention and to do what you need to do to stop the buzzing of life so you can stop and take a timeout to notice others needs. I know I for one am guilty of living life on full-auto, racing from one thing to another trying to stuff as many things in to a day as humanly possible.

I think I have a long way to go as far as living the life of a good person goes but so far just trying feels pretty good and gives me a goal each day that makes me feel good about myself. It’s bringing a little aloha and the warmth of Hawaii back into my life helping to melt the cold of the prairies making everyday back that much better.



Greetings to the world out there. I thought it would be important to let the world know I was still out there and alive as I haven’t posted in a long while. Its quite easy to put out a post here and there especially if you are going through something where you need to process and work your way through that something. Sorry to say today I provide no drama, just my ordinary life and a few of the high lights.

For one, I and the family are heading to Hawaii to spend the Christmas holidays/new years in a place without snow or sucky jobs bleeding the life out of us. First time in 15 or 20 years that I’ve taken a winter vacation although people assume you do this all the time when you say you’re going somewhere warm for the winter. Truthfully, the trip has more to do with the kiddos being old enough to appreciate the trip and the in-laws still being in good enough health to watch over the homestead and our poochie. In other words, the time is right for this trip!

Another highlight is I love to shop online and beg borrow steal(?) the best possible deal I can get. I’d almost say I am happiest when I am in hot pursuit buying something. the list from last month includes a guitar amp for me and a gaming computer mainly for my kid which we took advantage of black friday to squeeze out the best possible deals. It was me in my prime having so many different things to monitor prices on and price match. Glorious !

Well I hope to put out some more blogs about life in Hawaii fairly shortly. So keep your eyes open for them. Almost time to experience a little aloha….stay tuned.

Dear Mom


Dear Mom,

it is 2:39 AM and you would not be impressed under the circumstances. Its been a while since we talked and as my brother said we do have a special connection and bond. There are things I feel like I failed you with and wish we could sort through. They include the big three:  religion, marriage and relationships.

Religion is a big one with you and I have yet to give it a fair chance. Does watching Billy Graham count as a step in the right direction? I hope so. He’s been doing these 30 minute promo videos that focus on the lives of three people whose lives have been changed. The show paints a pretty picture of life with God in these peoples present lives. Do you think this can happen for everyone, even me? Do you still feel the same way? Your faith is amazing, I’ll give you that.

My marriage as you last heard was still doing well. It is doing well, but not in the sense that you think, it is not a true marriage. You see we are just two best friends doing the best that we can trying to remember to take life slow.  I wish I could report there was any sort of love in the room for my wife but my emotions have been punctured and beat up too badly to try and bring them back up to the surface to ever think about rekindling anything deep with this person ever again. On the plus side I’m sure that is how she feels about me too. It makes what I am about to say next a little bit easier.

On to relationships and what I do feel, where there are certain confessions I should make. While my marriage was imploding and I was in the long process of rebuilding myself, all of the pieces of the puzzle came together an I determined that I was gay. Everything I went through as a teen and young adult gave me the sense that they were lacking in meaning some how and now I know why. Perhaps where you are right now you can see through your old beliefs that this is not wrong. How can love when found ever be wrong? After all, God is love right ? Perhaps with connections with the guy upstairs you can accept this. Sorry to have it come out in this way, I should have taken the opportunity to tell you in person. please forgive me for that.

You see these are some of the things that weigh on my mind at 2:39 AM while I think about going back to sleep. I’ll try harder to give God and religion a chance and not speed through life without giving something so important to you a decent chance. I’ll continue to keep the family a priority and keep the bonds strong as everyone moves forward through life. You hopefully, will have forgiveness in your heart for me not telling you sooner I was gay. Oddly I picture you praying for me right now at the time of my confession 😉  Tell dad I love him as it was not said enough or in time. You can tell him the news and catch him up, I think he would like that. I have not forgotten him.

It’s getting close to 3:00 AM now and I feel the sleep creeping back again. Please give my dog a good night kiss on the head for me when you see her as I miss her too. Thanks for being there and listening, I knew I could count on you waiting till the end and hearing me through.  Don’t ever forget I love you too.

Good Night and God bless


Beauty and the Beast – Which am I ?


Recently I had the pleasure to see the local production of Beauty and the Beast. Seeing a musical is always at the top of my list. Ive known the story for a long time although I still haven’t seen the latest Emma Watson incarnation which I’m sure would be brilliant sealing it in the hearts of future generations. Judging by all of the little kids dressed as Belle, I’ve already underestimated its popularity.

If you’ve guessed that this somehow ties into my life, you’d be right. I watched the production and was mentally tying in to it all of the similarities between myself and the beast. Did you think I was going to say Belle? Ok, that thought was worth a chuckle wasn’t it ? A thing that stood out was how the beast was seen as ugly/threatening by those that did not know him, how close he came to fulling bottoming out and losing it all and that he could display his inner beauty when he was able to drop his guard and trust in the people around him. It did take some persistence by Belle and I can see that working on someone like me.

Ironically, in my own life when I’m walking down town on my lunch break I often feel like a space alien that people steer clear of. Especially I would say women give off that vibe. When people react in this way it makes it feel like it may be impossible to ever be given the chance to open up to anyone. This I’m calling beast similarity number one: A loneliness brought about by the walls others put up around themselves. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, especially if it is walking down the street.

The second beast similarity:  being isolated leads to more isolation. How would the beast change the pattern of his existence if there is no one close enough to him to befriend? You can say about my life, how would I overcome loneliness when my house resembles the beasts castle? There are a total of 4 people in my house that make up my friend list. Unless I can somehow convince more people to come in to the house, that house will not be the key to making the house a place of joy.

The third beast similarity is that ultimately a hand/paw must be extended to draw people in. Persistence by both parties are needed to to start cooking up something meaningful in the friend department. This time it is Belle that demonstrates this point. If we had turned to run after her first encounter with the beast the whole story would never have happened.

Looking back at this list I could have titled this as What Beauty and the Beast taught me about life but I found it a lot more interesting to relate it to my life. Who knows, maybe its time to bring some new life behind these castle walls to start a whole new story.

Self Preservation or Being a Jerk?


Some of you may have realized I like to write about my thoughts and musings more than everyday events. These thoughts usually leave me by the time I decide its worthy of a post but this one thing lately made me write down some notes to not let this thought escape me. The question my friend, is why are people I deal with such jerks?

I’m mainly talking about the physical people I run into at work not the loyal friends I follow on Facebook lol Right ! I don’t have many friends outside of work….but that’s another story and something I’m working on.

What I’ve seen happening at work is a common mentality of ‘not my job’ so don’t bug me. This is in contrast to the way things used to be here 10+ years ago where everyone had time for everyone and it was a mutual goal to excel and rise up to be the best you could be. Do I blame them ? no. It’s hard in this climate to stay afloat where the new normal is high output required and your worth is measured and based on how much you can do and not how much you can offer.

I’ve observed that sooner or later people learn that they need to ignore others needs in order to meet their own. If I look deeper it looks to be spread out over the spectrum of love, sex, marriage and family. BUT in making this their primary focus do they realize they become jerks to the others around them. Do they even care when the rest doesn’t matter?

Invariably I believe by obtaining these things people can over time revert back to being non-jerks. The prime example I can give to that are the elderly people around us. I think everyone knows someone that is elderly that will talk to anyone at the drop of a hat and offer whatever help they can. There is an openness everyone they encounter. An interesting lesson we can take away from those that have ‘been there done that’ and found an importance in others that does not fuel self gain.

A big shout out to the enlightened. I thank you for being there. These are the people that are able to do this at any stage in their life and not just when they are old and have found meaning in people outside of their immediate circle of friends. In my opinion this is the holy grail of existence we should all strive for. Am I there? no sir ! but perhaps knowing whats important in life puts me one step further at work or in everyday life from being a jerk.